Rogue Music

If you are into great keyboards at reasonable prices, this is your joint.

If you are into great keyboards at reasonable prices, this is your joint.

Hidden in a tenth floor of the historic Music Building (a flat with recording studios instead of apartments) you have to be no begginer to bump into this (almost) secret treasure. Or read this blog…

Anyway, Rogue Music is a very cool music shop in Manhattan, specialized in used keyboards and recording equipment.

Vintage analog synthesizers, electric pianos, and used drum machines are untidely piled one on top of the other. Prices are very, very reasonable. And with a weak dollar, it’s not uncommon to see Europeans in this funky place, flashing their Euros and cleaning the store. A recommendation: if you see something you like here, buy it. It won’t last. (yes, I learned the hard way)

So now you know it keyboard and electronic cats: Rogue Music, @ 220 West 30th Street, 10th floor.



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3 responses to “Rogue Music

  1. budgetstylista

    I would love to learn the key-tar! Are there any stores that sell them around here???

    • ratijas

      I have to confess I never considered the keytar cool until I saw Prince playing one of those. They sure sell them on the stores on 48th street and Guitar Center (14th, between 5th Av. and 5th Av.).
      Thanks for passing by and congrats: you posted the first comment on this blog!

  2. xerocky

    They have lots of stompboxes (used) and some elcheapo guitars. It’s cool.

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